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An engineer, a programmer, a problem solver, kind of a musician(guitar & garage band), love mathematics although not so involved in it, and crazy about physics. Love to find ways to bend my mind.

I like to write code that reveals something new about the universe, without it to be explicitly programmed it in. For example, take a look at this amazing render of a black hole (find code in the link below), unlike any black hole there will ever be, the gravity depends on the inverse of R^3, instead of the usual Newtonian R^2 ! Now, this is only possible because the simulation is closer to reality in terms of motion of the light particles(photons), which enables me to show how gravitational forces bend light in space-time.


I love Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing, although I know extremely little about these topics as of today but this is going to change in the coming future. Curiosity is the key and life has no meaning for someone who thinks he has seen it all. So stay curious no matter your age, sex, or religion. By the way, I am an atheist. I wont believe anything just because people kept on believing it for years, it is stupid for many reasons. However, I like to think there may be something resembling to metaphysics in this universe, but we are far from understanding it.

Other than science, I also cater my alacrity in learning psychology and sociology to some degree. It is very essential for humans to understand how other humans behave and act, as rigid as it can be but the collection of humans have somewhat different nature, things are emergent in this scenario and the emerged behavior helps to understand, among many things, stock markets and patterns for virus tracking during a pandemic.

I like to make games, very simple operating systems, simple compilers & languages, virtual machines, hardware simulations, etc. Time is an essence and there is only so much you can do with it in your life. Passive earning has cleared a way to live your life while earning and doing what you love the most. In contrast to active earning where you give up time for money everyday passive earning gives you the intellectual freedom to really control the flow of your life.

Crimson Duo(my only game in the play store right now)


I suppose life only has one purpose, to share what you have learnt with the next generation. I took this understanding from the movie Lucy. It is a movie alright but that doesn't make it any less true. This blog is my way of preparing the next generation a little better for the challenges they have to face.

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